The Recycled Horse-Manure Project!

Creative Sustainability Collaboration between Unbridled LLC and Pixie Farm 

"At Pixie Farm our mission is to grow vegetables and herbs in an environment that is sustainable and in tune with the frequencies of nature to provide food that is complete and nourishing to the soul as well as the body. We accomplish this through ancient practices such as Hügelkultur, biochar, and symbiosis with animals that have found a happy home at Pixie Farm.

Kim Hallin is blessing us with copious amounts of positive energy to add to the land by sharing all of the manure from her healing herd of therapy horses at Unbridled LLC. We're using this precious gift to augment our fields with a healthy recipe of compost made from manure, charged biochar (which we make onsite), and wood chips that are sourced locally for free.

This process will improve the land for thousands of years, helping to bring great energy through abundant nutrients for many generations to come." 

- David Collins, Founder, Pixie Farm:

Photo: Kim Hallin and volunteer Roland Spears unload manure into the tractor bucket as David Collins prepares to deposit the manure for composting. 

Kim and Ro Unloading

A no-money-changes-hands partnership!

As small business owners, Kim Hallin and David Collins understand the importance of leveraging resources and partnering strategically. Both also believe in the power of bartering, the importance of thinking outside the box and the beauty of collaborating creatively. With any sustainable partnership, however, the energy exchange must be balanced, the outcomes mutually beneficial and the underlying values in harmony. 

For many years, Kim struggled to find an affordable and sustainable way to manage the never-ending supply of horse manure her small herd of horses produces. She tried composting it herself for a while, but that turned out to be far too labor-intensive for a one-woman operation. She spread the manure on her pastures for a time, but it was just too much manure to break down adequately. In the end, Kim turned to professional waste disposal which was not only very expensive but the manure was sent to the landfill rather than being used to re-nourish the land in a sustainable way. 

Meanwhile, David was struggling to find a horse farm willing to collect and deliver manure on a consistent basis. He just didn't have the manpower or time to collect it himself. When the two entrepreneurs were introduced through a mutual friend in January of 2023, their shared values drove them to begin thinking creatively. The two farms were only 20 miles apart. Kim had a truck. David had an old flatbed trailer and hundreds of plastic nursery pots that were just sitting around, un-used. David offered to let Kim park the flat-bed at her farm if she would be willing to load the manure that she was already collecting 2x per day directly onto the flat bed (using the plastic pots for easy loading, transport and unloading). Kim agreed, adding that she'd happily deliver the manure to Pixie Farm every 10-12 days when the flatbed was full. David said he'd make sure he could be there in person for each delivery to coordinate and help with the unloading. After a few trial runs, the two entrepreneurs had a seamless system in place that works beautifully for both of them! 

Unbridled LLC
Kim Hallin - Founder, Unbridled LLC

“My desire has always been that the manure produced on my farm would be returned to the earth in a nourishing and sustainable way, but that has not proven to be easy. The partnership with Pixie Farm is a win-win scenario for both of us and I LOVE being able to contribute in a meaningful way to their mission of growing healthy and affordable vegetables and herbs to feed the community.”

Founder, Unbridled LLC

There's even more to the story!


Nestled within the 13 acres of Pixie Farm in Round O, South Carolina, Retreats of Inspiration (facilitated by David's significant other, Tish Voit) offers easeful weekend getaway experiences just 40 minutes from downtown Charleston.

"Plan a Saturday trip or relax and stay for the whole weekend. Enjoy tent and RV camping accommodations with campfires and community meals. On the 4th Saturday of each month, together and with trusted guides, we will delve deep into a topic or modality that promotes wellness, cultivates self awareness and celebrates our interconnectedness. We hope you will join us." - Tish Voit

For more information about Retreats of Inspiration contact

For more information about Pixie Farm contact

 Photo: David Collins and Tish Voit enjoy a campfire at Pixie Farm


Would you like to support the Recycled Horse Manure project? 

The direct costs related to the Recycled Horse Manure project include Kim's gas as well as regular maintenance on her truck and David's trailer (approximately $100/mo). Indirect costs include the unpaid time Kim spends collecting the manure daily (approximately 10.5 hrs/week). If you'd like to make a financial contribution in support of this project, please consider becoming a Shepherd of the Extended Herd at Unbridled. 

I'd like to learn more about becoming a Shepherd of the Extended Herd!

If you're interested in committing to a weekly manure-pick up shift (mornings or afternoons) at Unbridled LLC in Ravenel, SC, contact:

If you want to volunteer at Pixie Farm in Round O, contact: